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  1. I just read one of your blog’s that happened across my fb page as I lay here in the wee hrs of the morning with my son, an almost 5 mo old. My hubby had to work tonight which doesn’t happen regularly so it’s just me and the kid.
    As a sahm, I cannot express how much I appreciate your candor. It is refreshing to read that other ppl go through the same shit. It’s such a huge no-no to talk about parenting in any kind of negative way, even if theres a light at the end of the story. Everyone judges. But what’s worst, in our isolation as sahp, we judge ourselves. We are mean. We are bruital and unforgiving. We are our own worst enemy.
    I haven’t read any other posts other than the soul crushing reality of a sahd, so I’m not 100% sure if you still are a sahd. But I just wanted to reach out, fist bump and a nod…. I feel ya dude.
    And thank you. Tonight/morning, I needed to find your page. Can’t wait read follow-up posts of yours, as I see there are quite a few.

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